Karaoke with Ken 2012 – Wrap-Up

About fifty karaoke fans came out for this year’s CS-SIS Karaoke Night, held at the Elephant & Castle Pub and Restaurant in Boston. There were many able performers keeping us well-entertained.  I hope I won’t offend anyone by omitting names, but two I especially liked were Jackie Prentice, our resident Lady Gaga channeler, performing “Yoü and I” ( I was late and missed her earlier numbers), and Toby Shucha doing both the Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias parts on “To All the Girls I Loved Before.” I thought he even might do both voices at once for the duet parts! There were many other terrific numbers, and I regret we didn’t have someone keeping a playlist for us.

The venue itself was great, with plenty of room and a good bar. The playlist was varied, but shortly after we started the DJ turned up the volume past 12, never mind 11, and the music was literally deafening. Nevertheless, I believe most of us had a terrific time, and a few hardy souls were still there when I left a 1 A.M.!

Earlier I put out a call for photos on Twitter, but the only one I’ve seen was one of me on the AALL conference blog, and we’re really looking for photos of other participants. So if you were there and took any, please let me know.

Next year we’ll do it again! Tina Ching and the local arrangements committee have already given me the lead on what promises to be another great venue. See you in Seattle!