2013 CS-SIS Karaoke with Ken in the Emerald City

Greetings fellow karaokers. (To coin a word; maybe if we use it enough…) Karaoke artist or performer is the accepted term for the proper among you. This year in Seattle we descend upon the Hula Hula Tiki Bar (before you click, be warned that their image of a Polynesian woman may be NSFW) at 9:30 PM on Saturday, July 13. The venue is located at 106 1st Avenue North, Seattle, and is about a ten-minute walk from the Seattle Center Monorail Station. It’s also about a mile-and-a-half from the headquarters hotel.


Tina Ching adds that there are public transit options using the 1, 2, 13 or D buses. “They pick up just 3 blocks away from the Sheraton on 3rd avenue between Pike and Pine. $2.25 each way. It should only take about 15 minutes. Just as a warning, it’s not exactly the friendliest bus stop in town, but it is Saturday night so there should be lots of folks around and a police presence. Those from big cities will think it’s nothing.”

I’ll be heading over from the hotel lobby between 8:45 and 9. I encourage anyone looking for a fun evening to join us. If you’re new to the karaoke experience, check out the backgrounder. Thanks to Tina Ching and Zach Gose for suggesting the venue!