An Evening at Chinatown: 2017 Karaoke with Ken Wrap-Up

In what appeared to be the best attended event yet, more than eighty of our friends and colleagues came out for this year’s CS-SIS Karaoke with Ken! Others could not get in the door, indicating that, to paraphrase Chief Martin Brody of Jaws, “We’re gonna need a bigger venue!” Long-timers and new folks alike filled the audience and many took the singing stage, demonstrating an abundance of singing talent among our group. Kat, Jackie, Steve, Sarah, Jason, Shira, and so many more belted out terrific numbers, and I apologize that I don’t keep a comprehensive playlist. I invite you to add your comment if you were one of our singers, or send me an email so I can properly recognize you here.

I’ve deputized David Matchen to begin searching for our Baltimore venue for the 2019 AALL Annual Meeting and Conference. As noted in my earlier post, the event began in Baltimore in 1997, so our theme for next year’s Karaoke with Ken is “Back to the Beginning But Old Enough to Drink!” I hope to see – and hear – you there!


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